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Tim Fiskar writes: A couple of years ago I entered the Maxx enduro ride with my riding partner Darren Slade. An internet search for advice on how to approach the Maxx led to articles about the South Downs Double...

Darren's Ride

Darren & bike - Click to enlarge

The bike

The bike is interesting because of the heavy duty forks, brakes and wheels for an enduro bike.

The wheels are Merlin hand built UST rims on Hope hubs. The tyres (no punctures!) were Mountain king 2.4(!) tubeless and a Crossmark LUST with a tube. Gearing is traditional 3x9 (more reliable chain). Interestingly Darren rides with a remote seat post which he says is good for opening gates without fully dismounting.

Pedals were the new XTR trail pedals which Darren says are more supportive than regular SPDs.

Lighting was through an Exposure Joystick and Sixpack.

Darren's bike - Click to enlarge

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