South Downs Double - Hall of Fame

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Current Outright record holder: Josh Ibbett 17h 47m 30s

Fastest times to date (overall)

  Unsupported ('Alpine') Supported
1st Josh Ibbett 17h 47m 30s Neil Newell 22h 20m 25s
2nd Ian Leitch 18h 3m 12s Mike Cotty 22h 25m 22s
3rd Rob Dean 18h 41m 59s Ian Butler 23h 01m 00s


  Unsupported ('Alpine') Supported
1st Rob Dean 18h 41m 59s TBD
2nd Mark Goldie 19h 47m 39s TBD
3rd Neil Newell 23h 20m 32s TBD

South Downs Triple

1st Richard Sterry 37h 04m 00s TBD


  Unsupported ('Alpine') Supported
1st Amanda Brooks 21h 44m 30s TBD
2nd Lydia Gould 27h 26m 52s TBD

Pairs & Groups

  Unsupported ('Alpine') Supported
1st TBD George Budd/Sharon Laws 30h (approx.)

As of 28th September 2008, two female riders has been reported as completing the full distance - Sharon Laws, paired with George Budd, covered the distance in around 30 hours in 2006, and Lydia Gould who completed the first female solo ride in 27h 26m 52s, on 23rd August 2008.

Hall of Fame (* indicates a new fastest time for the category)

Name Time Date Bike
Amanda Brooks* 21:44:30 04th August 2014 TBA
Mark Goldie 19:47:39 (SS) 17th July 2014 TBA
Josh Ibbett* 17:47:30 23rd September 2011 TBA
Kevin Izzard 23:19:39 19th August 2011 Marin CXR 29er
Ben Amesbury 25:55:00 30th July 2011 Stumpjumper 29er Carbon
Paul Gibbons 23:36:00 15th July 2011  
Darren Slade 23:38:21 May 12th 2011 Orange ST4
Alan Velecky 23:31:53 23rd September 2010 Kona Kikapu Deluxe
Rob Dean* 18:41:59 (SS) 1st July 2010 Gary Fisher Genesis (SS)
Antony Gray 23:05:08 25th June 2010 Yeti ASR-C
Ben Sherratt 23:40:13 (SS) 25th June 2010 Surly SS (rigid)
Alan Goldsmith 22:41:45 2nd August 2009 Niner MCR 29er
Rob Dean 19:59:13 30th June 2009 Gary Fisher Superfly 29"
Richard Sterry 23:31:00 27th June 2009 Specialized S-Works Carbon FSR
Peter Hutson 27:27:00 27th June 2009 Trek EX8
Roger Easterbrook 27:27:00 27th June 2009 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR
Steve Heading 20:36:11 26th May 2009 Whyte Bikes E120
Ian Leitch* 18:03:12 22nd May 2009 Independent Fabrication Ti Deluxe
Mike Cotty* 19:52:26 26th September 2008 Cannondale Scalpel/Six13 Custom
Carl Hutchings 26:27:00 (SS) 13th September 2008 On-One Inbred 29er SS
Lydia Gould* 27:26:54 23rd August 2008 Kona Kula Supreme
Neil Newell* 23:20:32 (SS) 23rd July 2008 On-One Inbred 29er SS
Rob Lee* 20:55:51 6th May 2008 IronHorse Azure World Cup
Neil Newell* 22:20:25 29th August 2007 On-One Scandal 29er
Ian Butler 23:13:00 12th August 2007 Whyte E5
Mike Cotty* 22:25:22 14th June 2006 Cannondale Scalpel
George Budd/Sharon Laws* 30:00:00 (approx.) May 2006 Specialized & GT
Ian Butler* 23:01:00 Sep 2005  

South Downs Double - Members Club

The following table lists those known to have successfully completed the Double (i.e. ridden the South Downs Way twice inside 24 hours). Riders are listed here in order of the date of their first successful Double (noting that some have ridden the Double more than once).

Name Date
Ian Butler September 2005
Mike Cotty 14th June 2006
Neil Newell 29th August 2007
Rob Lee 6th May 2008
Ian Leitch 22nd May 2009
Steve Heading 26th May 2009
Richard Sterry 27th June 2009
Rob Dean 30th June 2009
Alan Goldsmith 2nd August 2009
Antony Gray 25th June 2010
Ben Sherratt 25th June 2010
Alan Velecky 23rd September 2010
Darren Slade May 12th 2011
Paul Gibbons 15th July 2011
Kevin Izzard 19th August 2011
Josh Ibbett 23rd September 2011
Mark Goldie 17th July 2014
Amanda Brooks 04th August 2015

Other notable South Downs Way x 2 rides

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