About this website

This website has been created because, like many riders, we are passionate about the countryside, and because we're lucky enough to live near the South Downs. The Downs are criss-crossed by an incredible number of bridleways and tracks, including the famed South Downs Way, and we'd like to encourage more people to get out and ride in the area.

The trails range from gentle and flat, through sinuous twisty singletrack to gnarly downhills (not to mention the treacherous, gulleyed descents over slippery green chalk that strike fear into many a riders heart!).

Our aim is to publicise the riding on the South Downs, with a particular emphasis on the more committed rider - the kind of rider who contemplates riding the SDW one year, does it the next, and starts thinking about their next challenge (possibly even the Double).

And challenges don't come much bigger than the South Downs Double - basically, doing the South Downs Way in both directions, in less than 24 hours. It involves long, fast, downhills, wide open trails, steep, grinding climbs, several hours of night riding (even in mid-summer) and requires a high degree of commitment and physical fitness to complete (as of May 2008, only 4 people have successfully completed it).

And while the raison d'etre of this website is to encourage the committed rider to consider the challenge that is the SDW Double, we hope that the information, history and advice provided here will encourage you to come and ride the South Downs, and to enjoy the experience - no matter how fast you go!

Who is behind the website?

Rory Hitchens (of Exposure Lights) has long been active, assisting, encouraging and giving freely of his time supporting riders attempting the Double. He also has the role of independent adjudicator and record keeper, and is a keen proponent of night riding (especially on the South Downs!).

A huge mount of advice and information has come from existing members of the SDD Club - Ian Butler, Mike Cotty, Neil Newell and Rob Lee. Additional input and suggestions have come from numerous local riders, along with feedback both via email and from various Internet forums.

Finally, thanks are due to Bikemagic, Singletrack World and What Mountain Bike/BikeRadar for their support and publicity of the South Downs Double

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us via the feedback page - thanks..